"Thrilled guests"

"...a showcase of the cruise line’s new direction into original, bespoke live shipboard entertainment, on the Crown Princess, docked at the Port of Los Angeles, thrilled guests with its combination of beloved songs from Schwartz’s catalog and its stagecraft, including lots and lots of real magic — such as the duo taking the song “Defying Gravity” quite literally, above — performed by the multitalented cast of high-energy singers and dancers."

-Carole Horst, Variety

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"Absolutely riveting"

"Who would have thought that a musical based on the life of John Newton, a British slave trader turned clergyman, abolitionist, and hymn writer (yes, he wrote "Amazing Grace") would turn out to be such a ripping yarn? True, Arthur Giron and Christopher Smith (who's also behind the music and lyrics) embellish his story, fashioning a carefully crafted plot out of a chaotic if fascinating life. But who cares? This is theater, after all, not a classroom. And this "pre-Broadway" Equity production packed with fine songs, stirring adventure, and amazing stage effects—not to mention an ensemble's worth of terrific performances—is absolutely riveting. From the moment charismatic Josh Young enters as Newton, we want to know the story of this gifted young man, who told no lie when he called himself a wretch."

-Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader

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"Raised the bar"

"What a great Broadway show! Magic to Do exceeded all expectations - amazing! The visual interpretations of so many familiar songs coupled with magic...wow! Princess has really delivered something unique at sea and has raised the bar for entertainment."

-Eric Maryanov, Signature Travel Network

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"Seamless direction"

"Wow, wow, and wow! Behold, Tom Jones, the Musical, premiering at NSMT, is a don’t miss show… A frivolous, wacky, wonderful, hilarious romp, an entertaining adult evening at the theatre… Director Gabriel Barre’s seamless direction keeps the pace humming, the complicated staging smooth." 

-Rachel Rome, Art Notes

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"Went to The Wild Party at the Manhattan Theatre Club. As I entered the lobby, I saw a sign that said, ‘Herbal cigarettes are used in this production.’ As it turned out, so are style, wit, melody, excitement, mood, not to mention lighting, performances, direction, and choreography that are just sensational. 

Anyway, after seeing 14 seconds of the show, I knew I wanted to see it again and again. And again. I know I’m not alone. This version deserves a Broadway run, and it will seem wonderful there."

-Peter Filichia, Theatre.com

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"One hell of an imaginative party"

"You never see the seams between Gabriel Barre’s deft direction and the choreography by the brilliant Mark Dendy, a newcomer to showbiz. This great ensemble, along with the inventive settings of David Gallo, the stylish, yet campy costumes by Martin Pakledinaz, plus the consistently dramatic lighting of Kenneth Posner, all conspire together with Lippa, Barre and Dendy to give this Wild Party the mule-like kick of bathroom hooch. Here is one hell of an imaginative party you won’t want to miss."

-Clive Barnes, The New York Post

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